Are your fears getting in the way of advertising your practice?  

Are you blocked when you try to start blogging?

Do you worry what others will think when you grow your online presence? 

So many of us are used to taking up very little space as therapists.  Marketing our work in private practice can seem like the most counter-intuitive part of starting a therapy business.  

And yet we know in order to reach clients we need to show up and be seen online, at networking events, in blogs, and speeches.  If we're not out there it is very difficult for clients to find us. 

If you have struggled to overcome fears about showing up in a bigger or more authentic way this is the course for you.

As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them live brave, wholehearted, authentic lives showing up and being seen in new ways in relationships (the Daring Way is a curriculum I use based on the work of Dr.Brene Brown on shame, vulnerability, and resilience).

In my coaching work I began applying those principles to work with therapists who similarly need to learn skills to show up more authentically in their work and online.  

Use this FREE e-course to begin the process of overcoming those fears and putting yourself out there with confidence, ease and integrity!

Show Up and Be Seen Mini E-Course Outline:

marketing anxiety | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 1: Re-Writing Our Stories About Marketing - Everyone has a story holding them back from being bigger, whats yours?


marketing anxiety | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 2: Overcoming Scarcity and Fear - Moving beyond the most common fears that get in our way


marketing class | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 3: Beyond Image Management - Worried about what other providers might think?  This part is for you!


marketing anxiety | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 4: Learning From Our Experience - Increase your awareness to move past fear


marketing for therapists | learn to market private practice | private practice marketing class

Part 5: Using Self Care in the Learning Process - Practicing self compassion while learning something new is critical to success


marketing anxiety | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 6: Stepping into Power - Name and claim the strengths in marketing already in your wheelhouse (you might be surprised)


marketing anxiety | therapist marketing | private practice marketing

Part 7: Making Mistakes Online: - Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process- here's how to make them even better  


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