Show Up and Be Seen Part 6: Lean Into Your Strengths

Sometimes I think fear is like a dragon.  Reactive and strong- sometimes leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake.  

Dragons love gold.  Most of the fairytales I've read tell of rageful dragons burning down villages reactively to protect golden treasure.  They are fueled by fear and scarcity.  

For a long time my fear dragons would overtake me and leave cinders behind where relationships once were.  

As I learned to tame my inner dragons, I found the antidote to fear is gratitude.  Instead of focusing on what I might lose, I focus on why I want to keep it.  

Today instead of focusing on the dragon or the fears were going to shift to focusing on the gold.  

Check out the download below to begin the shift.  

Download 6- Show Up and Be Seen