You've been criticising yourself for  years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

- Louise Hay


Show Up and Be Seen Part 5: Risking Self Care

Fears about how our work will be seen hold many of us back from sharing our passion with the world.  We spent time over the last few days clarifying our fears and intentions in showing up big.  We looked at what gets in the way and named the blocks.  Naming fears and blocks helps us become aware of them, plan for them, and take reclaim our power from them.  

In order to dare greatly in a world full of critics we need to prioritize self care and self compassion. Lets focus today on growing a practice of self compassion, even if it doesn't go well.  

How will you care for yourself in this learning process?

Check out the download below to look at your self-care process.  

Download Day 5- Show Up and Be Seen

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