Show Up and Be Seen Part 4: Image Management- Reflections

Today we're going to take a brief pause and reflect.  Lets look back over what we're learning together.  Download the link below to take yesterday's Identity Management worksheet even deeper.  

But first, if you haven't already, watch this TED Talk by my mentor, Dr. Brene Brown on showing up and living brave.  I used my training with her as a Daring Way facilitator to develop this free course and my Blog Brave group coaching program.  Her work has drastically impacted the way I show up authentically in this world.  

Watch the video- maybe it will impact you in a similar way.  

If you want to learn more about the certification process I went through with Brene, please don't hesitate to ask (I love talking about it).  Or if you want to apply this to your business practices, I am happy to help you as a coach.  

But for now, click the download below to take yesterday's learning further.  

Download Day 4- Show Up and Be Seen

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