Marketing isn't about selling sessions.  

Marketing is about offering opportunities for clients to connect with your warmth, empathy, and care before they ever set foot in your office.  

Show Up and Be Seen Part 1: My Stories About Marketing

Okay team, many therapists cringe at the idea of marketing their practice.  We imagine a used car salesman in-authentically focused on money.  This is pretty far from the image most of us want for our practices. 

However, thoughtful marketing can also be a way to genuinely connect with clients, to help set expectations and boundaries, and build rapport before they even meet you.  It's just not all about selling.  

Re-read the bold statement above and see if the reframe might help you. Then click below to download your first day's worksheet.

I would love to hear your thoughts, let me know what you learn (email me here).  

All my best - Gina

Download Day 1- Show Up and Be Seen