Building a counseling practice can be easy.

business coach for therapists

My story

I was working a day job and dreaming of full time private practice for years.  As a trained therapist and certified life coach I tried lots of marketing ideas to get clients in the door.  

I was a great therapist in session, but just couldn't figure out how to reach the right clients.

I had a trickle of great clients coming in- but certainly not enough to pay the bills.  

I kept a day job to make ends meet, always dreaming of leaving for a full and sustainable therapy practice.  

And I hated that day job.

I knew I needed to market my work, but like so many other healing practitioners,

I was scared to put my work out there.

I worried my colleagues would lose respect.  I didn't want to oversell my skills.

I was scared I would turn off potential clients.  I didn't want to sound too salesy.

I stressed out about saying too much and not enough and I wrote and re-wrote and edited and re-wrote myself in circles.

I thought I would get in trouble with my licensing board. 

And let's face it- I'm a therapist, not a business person. I chose this profession partially because all that inauthentic business-world stuff was SUCH a huge turn-off.  

Truly, the list of worries was endless.

Caught in fear and self-doubt really limited my ability to get enough clients in the door.

My intakes were only trickling in and counseling practice was not sustainable.  

Everyone said it was impossible

Everywhere I turned for advice I was told it just wasn't possible to have a 100% cash-only (private-pay) and still pay my bills.  At least not until I was licensed, or had a PhD, or some kind of multi-year magic happened.

So I believed them, I didn't think it was possible to leave my day job and work for myself full time.

business coach for therapists

And yet, I kept seeing ads from coaches saying they were making incredible income.  So I set myself to studying what they were doing business and immersed in all the information I could find on SEO, marketing, pricing, social media, and more.

While most of what I learned was really helpful, a lot of it just didn't fit with the kind of connection I like making with clients.  

Most business people don't have to think about the unique ethical concerns we therapists consider when marketing.  

And let's face it selling a product is NOT the same as offering counseling services.

Marketing with authenticity

When I became a Daring Way Facilitator I began thinking about Brene Brown's incredible research in a new way.  Not only was I interested in applying shame work with clinical clients, but I got curious about applying this to my own fear of marketing.  

Using this powerful curriculum, I learned to connect with authenticity and get over my own fears of showing up.  I moved past my own limiting beliefs, tamed my inner critic, and sorted through impostor syndrome.

I proved them all wrong

Not just the limiting beliefs of others in the field- but my personal team of inner critics too.  

I made a clear budget, a focused niche, developed a strategic marketing plan, and set to work.

Not "marketing," but offering with authenticity, confidence, and simplicity.

And in three months I increased my website traffic from just a few clicks a day to hundreds of daily visitors.

My referrals were booming and in no time I had a full private practice with a wait list of highly motivated super engaged cash-paying clients.

Without insurance panels, licensure, or spending a dime on therapy directories. I filled my counseling practice with fantastic engaged clients in under six months.

For real.  

It was pretty darn dreamy.  

business coach for therapists

Other professionals started to notice and ask how I filled my practice so quickly.  I wanted to help others navigate authentic marketing and overcome personal barriers to reach their niche clients.   

Since then my coaching work through Amplified Practice has dramatically impacted the success of hundreds of counselors, therapists, and coaches in the U.S. and other countries. 

And when I say success I mean both the success of their practice, and the success that comes from overcoming those limiting beliefs so many of us carry around.  

Healthy happy healers make for a healthier happier world

I'm really proud of the impact I've had on their lives and more ultimately on the lives of their new clients.

I've since closed my counseling practice to focus full-time on coaching.  If you'd like to talk about the possibility of coaching with me contact me here.  


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