Starting a Private Practice Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

In 2013 I was trapped in a 9-5 day job wishing I could fill my practice.  I was in a really tough place stuck between fear and daydreams- could I really make it happen?

You know the drill: you're worried about finding enough clients, balancing work and home, starting a blog, making a website... the list goes on and on.  

I started investing in business courses to grow my practice and with a plan in hand I set out to create a sustainable private practice.  I learned a LOT.

In under six months I filled my counseling practice!

Private Practice Growth | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

I was full time private practice and LOVING IT.  

I did it all without a license, without paying for ads or directories, and without taking insurance payments.  

Most important of all I did it without sounding desperate or salesy.

I left the day job and you can too 

(And you don't need to take all those business courses).

You can have my whole private practice growth plan to help you build and fill your dream counseling practice. 

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