Find Your Private Practice Niche - Day 5

Yahoo!! You made it!  

Way to commit to your work!  Many folks sign up for free courses but never see them through- way to go!

Your final materials are linked below.  Just click the image.

We're closing the course today with the most important lesson in online marketing.  If nothing else, you want your clients to leave your site feeling understood and cared for (much like they would leaving session).  Use today's download to empathetically connect with your clients online.  

I really appreciate you working with me through the course.  You can use these materials to begin your marketing plan, editorial calendar, and blogging strategy.  

If you want help taking this work further please send me a message at  I work with lots of therapists to create meaningful connections with potential clients online.  

 Wishing you abundance and ease in private practice! Gina


If you're looking for any of the previous materials check them out here: