Find Your Private Practice Niche - Day 3

Don't Stop Now! 

In order for your marketing materials to really reach your clients you need to be sure you really understand them.  While we surely do connect with clients in session- therapists websites often miss the mark. 

Day 3 materials are linked below.

Use these materials dive deeper into your ideal client biography.  Many of my coaching clients really struggle with this step in one of two ways.  First, many therapists tell me they need more time to dive into this section fully.  If you want to give it extra time please do.  

There's no time limit to these materials once you save them to your computer or print them out to keep a copy to use again later.  If it feels better take breaks between questions to reflect and get even clearer.

Second, many therapists experience some destructive thoughts when they work on refining their niche. You might find yourself thinking "I know this already" or "this won't work for me."  If destructive thoughts pay you a visit don't let them stop you from learning.  

Instead turn "I know this already" into "what can I learn here (a new angle or application maybe)?" and "this won't work for me" into "how can I make this work for me?"

Powerful breakthroughs happen each time my coaching clients dive into this work.  Create the timeline and headspace that will work best for your learning.

Of course, you will to continue receive email messages over the next few days with tools to help you move get clear when marketing your practice.  Open them when you are ready to move on.  

If you have questions about how to apply these materials to your practice please call me for a free consultation.  I am happy to talk you through them in detail!  - Gina


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