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This is another in an installment of simple 5-minute website tweaks for therapists in private practice.  These are designed to help market with authenticity and ease.  To receive these tips and other simple tools to build your practice in your email click here

Creating an authentic marketing plan for private practice means looking beyond traditional business tools.

One of the authors I have learned most from in my work building a practice is Malcolm Gladwell.  Gladwell has written a number of best selling books on social phenomena and psychology, and in his book David and Goliath, he outlines some of the ways being disruptive is essential to innovation.  

I am including this video of an interview with Malcolm Gladwell below where he talks about acceptance of peers and colleagues and innovation.  I this this is especially important to our work with your site because most of the therapists I work with are greatly concerned with the opinions of their colleagues (often even more so than the opinion of their potential clients).

This kind of identity management leads to website copy that appeals to colleagues- but not to clients.  

Ask yourself the question below and write out your answer.  Jot down as many true answers as you can.  Take your time and distill out the language that resonates most with you.

Therapist Website Tip:| Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Look over your responses.  How many of these aspirational goals are attached to fear, scarcity, or avoidance?  How many of them are dreams or wishes?  Take it one step further, and ask yourself, if my work is authentically represented online- who will I be online?  

Then pull up your website.  

Most potential therapy clients decide whether or not to engage with a provider after less than 30 seconds online.  

Review your site and see if any of your answers to the second question are reflected on your site.  How can you bring your site into greater alignment with your authentic work?

I look forward to hearing how these simple reflection tools help your practice grow. If you want to deepen your work with authentic marketing join the free facebook group called Authentic Marketing for Therapists.  

And of course, don't hesitate to contact me for coaching if you want help implementing this kind of authenticity online.

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Gina Senarighi is a business coach for therapists, social media strategist, and author. With careful planning and strategic marketing, in under one year she lead three thriving therapy practices.  

Gina has quickly become a trusted voice on authenticity in marketing as an author, teacher, and guest expert on local and national media. 

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