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This is a part of a series of posts about blogging for therapists.  Read more of them by clicking here.

One of the most challenging parts of starting a blog as a therapist is getting inspired to write.  We emphasize receiving information in our field- not giving it- so putting our expertise online can seem counter-intuitive.  

At the same time, it is critical for clients to understand your gifts, perspective, and training in order to start building connection and empathy online.  Blogging is essential to creating expertise online, and increasing your website SEO.

Each week I will post a prompt to help you get started with your private practice blog.  Use the writing prompt below to start building momentum this week!

This Week's Blog-Writing Prompt:

I'm always amazed at the themes that show up in my work.  It seems when it rains it pours, and some weeks more than others for the majority of my clients.  I am sure you have had weeks like this; when every client who comes through your door seems to be going through a break up, losing a loved one, finding a new job, or dealing work jealousy.  

For me this week it was housing.  One client gets evicted, a couple who is on a house hunt, a landlord-client with tenant troubles, a client who finds out his childhood home is being sold...

Notice the theme that comes up in sessions this week and write it down.  What do you wish your clients knew about this theme?  What do you want to say to help them?  what resources do you wish they had?  

Without sharing any of their unique stories or information, write a post as if you are talking to an imaginary future client about your theme.  

Make it a system:

This prompt-system alone has helped me write the majority of my blog posts.  I keep a note in my dayplanner at the end of each day of themes I could write a blog about.  Over time this has helped me use my editorial calendar to keep themes organized and plan blogs in advance that reach clients with the right timing.

Do you use an editorial calendar? Download my free template (click the image) and watch the tutorial video to implement this system in your own blogging practice.  


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