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Writing Effective Copy for Your Counseling Website: Share Your Hopes

Writing Effective Copy for Your Counseling Website

When creating an online presence (much like in our therapy sessions) it is essential to put the needs of clients first.

But all too often we create websites for us and our colleagues and we miss the important opportunity to create connection and trust with prospective clients.  

This is part of an on-going series to help you refine your counseling website copy to reach the right clients and create meaningful connections online- before they ever set foot in your office.  

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Take a look at your ongoing clients- the big successes.  Think about the growth and development you've seen in them and the changes that have developed over time.  What have you hoped for them?  What do you dream for them?

Take five minutes to free write (which means no editing, just free flow writing) on the question below.  Notice what comes up, how you feel, and what most of all what messages show up for your clients.

Counseling Website | Private Practice Website | Therapist Website

Your website is one place to share this kind of caring message with your clients.  You may not want to share your free write verbatim, but check in with yourself to see if the hopes you hold for clients are evident in your website copy.  

If they're clearly demonstrated on your site congratulations!  You're one step closer to reaching the right clients.  

If not, how can you tweak the copy to include more of your hopes for them?  Take a fre minutes this week to add in your hopes.  

About the Author:

After starting two successful private practices right out of graduate school, other therapists started calling on Gina Senarighi for marketing help.  

Today she coffers business coaching for health providers who want to build and online presence in private practice with authenticity.  Her business coaching clients appreciate her enthusiastic encouragement and unique ability to make the overwhelm of social media, blogging, and website writing easy to manage.  

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