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Whats the Benefit of Therapy?

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You aren't selling therapy...

I know that most of us cringe at the idea of selling sessions to our clients, and they truth is, most of us are trying to sell therapy.  But most client's aren't looking for therapy when they are searching.  They want solutions. 

... but you are selling

You can call it something else if you want to but the bottom line is our clients are paying our business for a product (our sessions).  Modern web consumers usually consider many different sites when selecting a therapist and they want to know what the benefit to working with you will be.

Clients are not searching for therapy- but they are searching for solutions.  It's the job of a great website to make it clear to potential clients just how you help them solve problems.  

We're not talking about making false promises (no snake oil here) but identifying the specific problems you are great at helping clients address.  

There are unique and specific benefits to working with you.  Think about how clients benefit from your work together.  How might they describe those benefits to others?  Using their language make a list of all the benefits of your work.  

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Simple edits for your counseling website

Now use your written list to add helpful content to your private practice website.  Could you add a blog post about one solution to your client's specific concern?  

Can you more clearly articulate how your therapeutic orientation (a phrase that means little to most clients) helps them resolve issues?

Update your website copy regularly to help it grow and change with your practice.  a few simple edits can make all the difference to your prospective clients.


If you don't have a clear idea of who you serve best, enroll in the free Find Your Niche Mini-Course for therapists to get clear before your get going:

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