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Social Media Privacy for Therapists

Social Media Privacy for Therapists| Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Social media privacy is one of the greatest concerns among therapists.  

Keeping clear relationship boundaries and sometimes maintaining safe distance is critical to our work with clients.  It makes many of us nervous not to know what information is available online for clients to review.  

Google it

One easy and important way to monitor your online information is to put very little online in the first place.  However, it can be difficult to know what other information might be out there.

I recommend my coaching clients google search their name and all combinations of their name frequently both to address misinformation and to monitor their SEO.  

Claim your name

I recommend all therapists purchase their name as a domain even if it is not their private practice name.  A domain usually costs under $10 and will mean you have the name reserved for future use and so others cannot use it in your place.  

Get notified

You can also set a tool called a google alert, which will notify you when and if a specific phrase is posted online. Add an alert with your name to be notified if it is being used anywhere online.  

Stay informed

Social media privacy policies are constantly changing and that makes it hard to know where to go for correct updated information. One reliable site I have found is the Social Networking Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. They host information on an array of social media sites and keep their privacy information updated. Check the information there on sites you use most frequently to stay up to date.  

Finally, Roy Huggins of Person-Centered Tech has a number of really informative online courses for therapists all about online privacy and ethics.  I highly recommend attending a free or paid training to learn more.  

With careful use and monitoring social media privacy and ethical boundaries online can be easy to manage.

You can do it- we are here to support you! 

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