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Six Resources for Online Counseling in Private Practice

Six Essential Resources to Provide Online Counseling | Virtual Counseling | HIPPA Online Counseling

So you're considering offering online counseling to grow your private practice.  This can be a great way to offer you and your clients some flexibility and ease of access to services.

But before you begin there are a few considerations and resources you're going to want to check out to be sure you're offering confidential and ethical services.  

Your Starting Place for All Things New and Exciting

As with any major change in your practice moving online has specific implications depending on where you are practicing.  Each US state and many national countries have their own unique provisions related to virtual counseling.  Without guidance it can get confusing so find the Licensing Board in your area to start on the right path.  

I highly recommend reading more on HIPPA compliance and ethics concerns from Roy Huggins at Person-Centered Tech.

Distance Counseling Training and Online Therapy Certifications

Before starting services you might want to consider getting some real training in the considerations, ethics, and technology implications for you and your clients.  Both the Zur Institute and the Center for Credentialing and Education offer Distance Credentialed Counselor Certifications to help you really know what you're doing.   

HIPPA-Ready Video Chat Platforms for Online Counseling

Once you have checked with your board and feel equipped with training there are HIPPA compliant platforms to consider as you begin online counseling.  It is essential to use a service that takes client privacy seriously.  

Check out the list below for three options on pricing and features:

Combating Isolation

Before you begin actual client work you might want to consider getting professional support in the form of supervision (check with your licensing board for credentialed supervisors in your area) and collegial community.  

There are many online professional groups for therapists working in this arena and finding one can be incredibly useful for your long-term plans in the field of online counseling.  

Best of luck to you on this new online endeavor!

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