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If It Doesn't Light You Up, You're Not the Right Person For the Job

Danielle La Porte | Purpose in Counseling | Therapist Purpose | Meaningful Work

What would change if instead of referring clients out only when we know they're not right for us, what if we got better at what we're best at?

What if we trusted there are enough clients for all of us?  

What if we honored what is best in each of us and shifted to a strive for mastery, instead of focusing on filling hours?

When I shifted from taking nearly any client who walked through the door, to serving only the clients I absolutely know I can help.  When I moved from scarcity-based open doors on my practice, to more carefully selecting clients who I LOVED working with.  

Our clients deserve a provider who is lit up about working with them.

I realized quickly I needed to create a stronger referral list.  I started asking other counselors who lights them up in their work.  I focused my energy on building a referral list of providers I could be proud to share on the internet (actually bragging about their strengths).  

It became clear, when I focus only on the work I am great at more of the right clients started showing up. 

The more clear I got the more it happened.

The more I could speak directly to them online and in person the more they started saying yes.  

But what's even better is once I started referring out more clients I received more referrals.  The more I fortified my web of referrals the more it nourished me and my therapy business.  

My point: don't be afraid to focus your work and refer out.  You and your clients deserve to be lit up by this work.

Give yourself permission to focus on your true joy in your work.  

Give yourself permission to say no to clients who don't fit your dream practice.   

Shoft your focus to only the work that lights you up this week.  Notice what changes.  

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