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Therapist Blogging: Four Reasons to Use an Editorial Calendar

How to Use Your Editorial Calendar | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

The strongest business leaders have strong organizational processes to keep them focused.  

Getting organized is essential to having a reliable blog.  An Editorial Calendar is one great tool to plan and organize your writing.  Here are four reasons why:

Time Efficiency

One of the biggest fears I hear from counselors who want to blog is they just don't have time.  But by using an editorial calendar you can plan your time with much greater efficiency.  I use my calendar to plan topics in advance and then write posts in batches for future dates.  


Another concern my therapy business coaching clients share is a worry this will eat away at the precious free time they have.  I use the editorial calendar to block out times in the future and plan ahead to have my social media, newsletter, and blog posts prearranged.  This way I can take time off and my marketing plan keeps running (even while I am totally unplugged).

Client Connection

The best reason to plan an editorial calendar is to make your blog posts and social media sharing more useful to clients.  If I don't create a plan I tend to write on whatever topic moves me that week- which can be useful to some clients.  But it is far more connected to them if I think in advance and write based on what their needs and interests are throughout the year.  I plan out these posts using my editorial calendar.  

Resource Preparation

Finally, planning in advance helps me gather resources in advance.  If I start writing a blog post and want to add a video, link to a resource, or an infographic, preparing in advance of my scheduled post time gives me time to consider the topic with more care and find even better resources for my blog post links and client resources.  

Watch the video below to follow my process for using an editorial calendar.  

If you want to download the free calendar template mentioned in this video just click here.

Gina Marie Senarighi | therapist business coach

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