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Start With Why, by Simon Sinek is a one of the best books you can read on founding your business with clear purpose.  

If you don't have time to read the whole book, use the link (image below) to watch his inspirational TED talk on the same topic.  

There are two HUGE ways I see Start With Why applying to life in private practice:

1.  If you are clear about your why clients will connect with that authenticity.

The bottom line is, the clearer you can be about your purpose, and the clearer you are in communicating that purpose to clients the more they will be attracted to your work. 

2.  If you are clear about your why you can also be clear about who you can't help (and you can refer those folks to therapists who are a better fit)

If you know who you are- it becomes clearer who you aren't.  It is unethical to tell clients you can support them if you truly cannot.  Be clear and connect them to someone who has the right fit.  There are plenty of clients out there searching for all of us.  

If you want help getting clear on the WHO associated with your WHY I made a free mini e-course that has helped hundreds of therapists get clear on who they might serve best.  Click the image below for more information.

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Gina Senarighi is a business coach for therapists, social media strategist, and author. With careful planning and strategic marketing, in under one year she lead three thriving therapy practices.  

Gina has quickly become a trusted voice on authenticity in marketing as an author, teacher, and guest expert on local and national media. 

Due to her successes in therapy business she's been coaching other therapists to grow their counseling practices with ease and integrity.   

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