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Awesome Free Stock Photos for Your Therapy Website

Counseling Stock Photos | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Where can you get free stock images for websites?

Colleagues who visit my site and social media accounts always ask where I get my photography.  Using bold images is one easy way to set yourself apart from other pages, and to have potential clients and colleagues help promote your work by sharing it.  

I get compliments and shares on my images every single day and haven't spent a dime on purchasing images.  I was fortunate to discover original free stock images on a few great sites early on in my process.  

Counseling Website STock Photos | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

My favorite sites for free high-quality stock photography:

New Old Stock 

This site has beautiful vintage photography for your private practice site.


Find high resolution high quality photos to use in place of traditional stock photos here.


This resource is full of outstanding nature photography from a European designer's personal collection- totally free for your counseling website.

Little Visuals

This great service emails you seven free photos every seven days!

Free Refe Mobile Photos 

Smaller mobile photos of all sorts of silly things that are great for therapy sites- especially youth and family counseling websites.


These playful and colorful images are free and fantastic for a unique look on your private practice website.

Website Images for Therapists | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Here are a few other sites I recommend for free stock photography:


These are more traditional, but free stock photos in a wide range of locations. 


Again, this site is full of more traditional stock photography, but its totally free for use on your counseling website.

Finally, if you are looking for trendy patterns for the background of your site or images, look no further than The Pattern Library, a catalogue of free vibrant patterns for whatever online project your little heart desires!

Best of luck to you in your DIY design!  If you want to talk more about the specifics of your site, give me a call for a consultation!

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