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30 Reasons to Hire a Private Practice Business Coach

Reasons to Hire a Counseling Practice Coach | Business Coach for Therapists

Not every therapist understands how hiring a business coach can improve private practice.  Here's a quick list of thirty reasons you might hire a coach in private practice:

  1. You want to help more clients

  2. The mere idea of putting your face on a website scares the heck out of you

  3. You're super overwhelmed by technology

  4. You moved to a new area and are starting over

  5. Leaving agency work behind seems like a far off dream

  6. You worry you won't get any clients if you start a private practice

  7. You want to make more money in private practice

  8. Building a website sounds like a drag

  9. Social media intimidates you

  10. You have trouble staying focused on business tasks

  11. You want an accountability partner to help you keep on track

  12. You want support for your writing

  13. It's time to switch focus in your counseling practice

  14. You're ready to take your private practice seriously

  15. Counseling is great, but you want additional income streams

  16. You know hat you need to do, but somehow manage to put it off every time

  17. You want to market your work without sounding salesy

  18. There's so much great general information out there but you want help applying it to your dream clients

  19. You don't know what to write on your site

  20. You want sustainable private practice income to fill the gaps on slow weeks

  21. Your goal is a full private practice

  22. You want to podcast but starting one is daunting

  23. Trying to understand SEO gives you a headache

  24. Your intakes have slowed (or stopped)

  25. Your clients aren't paying you enough

  26. There are already so many therapists out there you worry you won't stand out

  27. Imposter syndrome sets in and says "Who do you think you are?" every time you think about making a private practice website

  28. You want more credibility and notoriety

  29. You have tried everything you can think of and still there's no traffic on your website

  30. You want greater confidence talking about your therapy business at networking events

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Gina Senarighi is a business coach for therapists, social media strategist, and author. With careful planning and strategic marketing, in under one year she lead three thriving therapy practices.  

Gina has quickly become a trusted voice on authenticity in marketing as an author, teacher, and guest expert on local and national media. 

Due to her successes in therapy business she's been coaching other therapists to grow their counseling practices with ease and integrity.   

Join her Daring Way for Therapists Retreat or online coaching community for therapists and start building the practice of your dreams.