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6 Tips to Make Blogging Easy

Six Tips to Make Blogging Easy | Amplified Practice Blogging for Therapists

I get it; you barely have time to write case notes- let along blog every single week.  Plus, you have a whole personal life, family and/or day job you're BUSY- blogging just feels like one more thing.

But blogging is essential to a thriving private practice in today's world.  It helps increase SEO and traffic to your site and helps the right clients find their way to you.

Most of the therapists I coach say they want an increase in SEO and traffic to their website- but they can't get up the gusto to start blogging.  

I wrote out seven simple tips to get your blogging organized.  Check them out below.  

Blog tips for therapists 

1. Schedule blog writing out

Having a blog schedule keeps you committed and organized.  I set an appointment each week for my blogs.  Seriously, I write in "appointment with future clients" one hour to help me remember how important this blog time is- I am connecting with future clients. I'm not going to blow that off.  

2. Use an editorial calendar

Having a clear plan for your blogging endeavors means having focused and efficient writing time when you actually do sit down to write it out.  If you aren't using an editorial calendar now, you can download my free template here (and watch a video on how I use the calendar to keep three blogs going strong).  

3. Back up your writing

Nothing is worse than dedicating tons of time to writing and then losing everything.  I learned this lesson the hard way when I switched sites last year- I lost over 100 blog posts in one split second.  Having a copy saved (I save mine in dropbox so I can get at them anywhere) means less time in the future re-writing if something is lost.

Backing up my work also means I can easily re-write posts and tailor them to new or seasonally appropriate themes later.  How to Set Boundaries at Your Gay Wedding becomes Coming Out at Christmas: Setting Boundaries with Family with just a little tailoring.

4. Invite guest blogs

Collaborating with other professionals is a great way to get both your blogs written on time, and to expand the reach of your audience.  

Make a list of other professionals you admire and invite them to share a post, or find a specific post and ask the author if they're willing to tailor it to share on your site as a guest post.  

5. Do a resource roundup

I know you have resources you share with clients regularly.  Make a list of your most commonly referred books, workshops, thought leaders, or blogs and write a post on them.  

List the resources and how they can help with a short description of why each is useful and voila!  There's your blog post.  You can do this quarterly or monthly as well.

6. Interview others

Another great way to connect with practitioners you admire is to start a series of interviews.  Some of my colleagues at Be Nourished do this with their Body Trust Insights series, and it's both an easy way for them to write blogs and a simple way to connect with other practitioners and create collaboration opportunities. 

If you want more help blogging bravely in 2016 join the Blog Brave group coaching series to get your writing rolling with integrity and ease.  Click the image below for more information.

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