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Blog Writing for Therapists: National Awareness Blogs

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This is a part of a series of posts about blogging for therapists.  Read more of them by clicking here.

One of the most challenging parts of starting a blog as a therapist is getting inspired to write.  We emphasize receiving information in our field- not giving it- so putting our expertise online can seem counter-intuitive.  

At the same time, it is critical for clients to understand your gifts, perspective, and training in order to start building connection and empathy online.  Blogging is essential to creating expertise online, and increasing your website SEO.

Each week I will post a prompt to help you get started with your private practice blog.  Use the writing prompt below to start building momentum this week!

This Week's Blog-Writing Prompt for Therapists:

One easy  prompt course for regular mental health counselor's blogs is the National Health Holidays schedule.  This can help you create posts around awareness like National Lung Cancer Awareness Week, Suicide Prevention Month, and National Invisible Disability Awareness Day.  

Go through the list and find the dates your clients might be interested in or dates related to your therapeutic orientation.  You can use other holiday and national awareness day themes.  

Did you know November is National Aviation History Month? April 3rd is National Don't-Go-To-Work-Unless-It's-Fun Day, that should be fun to write about.

Here are a few helpful sites:

National Health Holidays

Bizarre Holidays

Funny Days


Make it a Blogging System

You can schedule out the dates using your editorial calendar to plan ahead, or write them now and schedule the posts to list on the date in advance.  

If you haven't yet, I highly recommend downloading this free editorial calendar tool to blog with ease and efficiency.  You can organize posts in advance and plan ahead for theme weeks as appropriate for your clients this way.

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