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Counseling Website Inspiration: 15 of the Best Websites for Therapists

Counseling Website Inspiration: 15 of the Best Websites for Therapists

Finding Great Therapist Website Design Inspiration can be a Struggle...

When clients search for us they want to feel inspired, understood, or comforted.  But most therapist websites leave them confused and chilly.  

When I work with therapists to develop a website I want you to have strong mental health websites to draw inspiration from.  I often start with therapists by creating a vision board of aspirational sites.  But sometimes it's hard to find great inspiration.

The list below includes some of my favorites from around the web.   

If you're working with a website designer to create your own counseling website I highly recommend creating your own "sites I like" list.  Alongside it do include a few reasons you like the site to help the design team create something specific to you (you can see my examples here).

If you have any questions on this process,  please send me a message- I am happy to help you along!

Therapists Websites

Mitch Bacon, Ground PDX

I love the warm brown tones and the simplicity in this page- "the therapist, "the yurt" it's approachable!

Jesse Johnson, Vital Collective

The black and white photography on this counseling webpage is really beautiful.

Gina Senarighi, Uncommon Love

I love that the black and white on this website is sexy- yet the photo of Gina chosen still feels professional and approachable.

Gina Senarighi, Amplified Good

The warmth of the colors on this site is great!  I set out to make this site approachable and fun and am really glad it worked!

The Angry Therapist

This therapist's site speaks of general baddassery.  I love the name and motorcycle image.

Heidi Reeder

I appreciate the logos and brightness of this counselor's website.

Group Practice Websites

Portland Therapy Center

The logo on this site is warm and bright and manages to sync together many different therapists' work into one cohesive brand identity.

DBT Eastside

I am biased- I created this site.  But I love the warmth they chose for their colors coupled with modern lettering and custom logo work.  

Talk Space

This website makes it very clear they are offering online therapy- I think it would be very easy to use for prospective clients.

Open Path Collective

The clean and colorful logo on this site is really appealing to me.


Mental Wellness Counseling

The bright imagery on this site is a little country and a little rock and roll.  I like how young this website feels.

Famous Mental Health Providers Websites

Teri Cole

Teri is an expert in the field and has a strong established online presence.  This site is inviting and professional.

Brene Brown

Brene is also very well known in the field of social work and organizational psychology.  This bright and airy webpage blends her work in both beautifully.  

John Gottman

The Gottman's recently updated their page to this more modern website design.  Their expertise is met with welcoming design.  

Dr. Julie Hanks

Julie Hanks is a leader in the field for media and marketing among therapists in private practice.  Her site really highlights all her work.

About the Author:

After starting two successful private practices right out of graduate school, other therapists started calling on Gina Senarighi for marketing help.  

Today she coffers business coaching for health providers who want to build and online presence in private practice with authenticity.  Her business coaching clients appreciate her enthusiastic encouragement and unique ability to make the overwhelm of social media, blogging, and website writing easy to manage.  

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