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Eight Non-Therapist Business Coaches You Should Follow

Eight Non-Therapist Business Coaches You Should Follow | Amplified Practice Business Coach for Counselors

Yes, as therapists we work in a unique field unlike any other.  We have intense relationships, navigate powerful ethical decisions, and support people through some of the most intense moments of their lives.

When we want to grow our work it makes sense to rely on private practice business coaches who have built successful practices.

But in the day-to-day business of it all, there is a LOT to learn from people outside the field of psychotherapy.  Here are five of my favorites.

Jenny Shih

Jenny has been a favorite of mine for a long time (and not just because she's also an Oregonian).  She's been an incredible business coach for online businesses and solopreneurs for many years- but here's why she's great for therapists: Jenny really emphasizes human connection and meaningful 1:1 interaction.  

Of all the big name coaches I have followed, Jenny offers the most personalized attention.  You really feel cared for even though she has a HUGE following.  As therapists we want our clients to feel that kind of care online too.

Tara Gentile

If you are shy about selling Tara is the teacher for you.  She offers incredible online resources for free all the time (check out the 30 days of videos she's offering right now on facebook).  You can also take classes with her on CreativeLive.  More than that she created a model called the Quiet Power Strategy all about authenticity in selling and marketing online.  I know you're going to love her.

Erika Madden

Generosity is key in online marketing and it is a critical part of demonstrating credibility and expertise as a therapist.  Erika runs a site called Olyvia with an outstanding library of resources and tools for online marketing and branding.  I mean lists upon lists upon lists of really useful stuff just waiting for you over there- go get it. 

Holly Gillen

Holly is my go-to for all things video.  She is clear and to the point and offers video tips almost every day on facebook, youtube, and periscope.  Holly's real talk and enthusiasm will get you through the most stuck parts of video creation.  As internet marketing turns more and more to video following Holly will help us all move in the direction of the future.  

Marie Forleo

Marie founded B-School, the source my original awakening to marketing online.  She has more recently focused on general well-being in her quirky videos, but the content she does share on copy, marketing, and branding is clear, easy-to-follow and priceless. I mean literally priceless; she posts free well-produced videos online almost every day.

Amber McCue

Most therapists I know struggle to organize their administrative processes.  This is why you need to follow Amber.  Her strength is in streamlining systems for maximum efficiency (and doing it with style and spunk).  One of my favorite tools she offers is a yearly "Planathon" in November where she supports thousands of business owners in getting organized for the year ahead.  You don't want to miss it- join me there!

Yes Yes Marsha

Marketing as a therapist is all about authenticity and connection- and this is why you need to follow Yes Yes Marsha.  Her focus is on being unforgettable, and her videos certainly are.  She dances, wears costumes, and plays all while making clear points about connecting more meaningfully in person and online.  Yes yes, you can be silly and professional.

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle is a total badass.  For the therapists who wonder about how to integrate beliefs, spirituality, soul, and a touch of woo into their online marketing Danielle is a great role model.  Her blog will make you laugh and cry and leave you inspired to do better in the world. She's also a writing coach and a highly successful speaker.  Imagine a rockstar, a poet and a shaman all came together and you have Danielle.     

If you want support from a coach with IS also a successful therapist give me a call for a consultation, I am happy to help you find success.

Gina Senarighi is a business coach for therapists, social media strategist, and author. With careful planning and strategic marketing, in under one year she lead three thriving therapy practices.  

Gina has quickly become a trusted voice on authenticity in marketing as an author, teacher, and guest expert on local and national media. 

Due to her successes in therapy business she's been coaching other therapists to grow their counseling practices with ease and integrity.   

Join her Daring Way for Therapists Retreat or online coaching community for therapists and start building the practice of your dreams.