Pinterest for Private Practice: Therapy Resource Boards

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Pinterest is a simple and easy tool for sharing resources, articles, and recommendations among colleagues and with clients.  

Pinterest is also an excellent tool for increasing SEO and website traffic.  I receive more referrals to my site from Pinterest than any other social media source (twice as much). Pinterest images have really helped my site be found through google search in addition to my other SEO maximizing efforts.

The simplest way you can use pinterest for private practice is by starting resource collections.  Pinterest allows you to curate boards based on your interests.  I recommend starting a board for each of the interests you've identified as a part of your client niche.

Here are a few great examples of therapists using pinterest for private practice: 

Therapy Resources

Psychoeducational Self-Help Worksheets/Handouts Board

Counseling and Mental Health Tips and Tools Board

Art Therapy Board

Art Therapy Prompts Board

Couples Counseling Resource Board

Psychotherapy Psychology and Wellness Blogs Board

Dr Brene’ Brown’s Pinterest Boards

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