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This is another in an installment of easy 5-minute website tweaks for counselors in private practice.  These are designed to help market with authenticity and ease.  To receive these tips and other simple tools to build your practice in your email click here.  

Most therapists fear if they focus their marketing materials to a specific demographic they won't fill their practice.   

That is simply not true.  

As the world shifts to more and more online marketing, clients expectations are shifting.

Clients want to feel understood and empathized with before they even call you.  

The more carefully you market to your ideal (favorite) clients the more clients like them will connect with the materials on your site and call you for sessions.  

Whenever you write materials for your site, hold your ideal client population in mind.  If you realize a few years into practice that your focus has shifted, shift the copy on your site (you should do this every few years anyway).  

Get clear about who your favorite client is and what they are looking for when they search for your site.

5 Easy Minutes to a Better Therapy Website

Therapist Website Tip| Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Ask yourself the question above and write out your answer.  Write without editing for five full minutes.  

Get as clear as you can in your response.  Jot down as many true answers as you can.  Take your time and refine language that resonates most with you.

When you're done, pull up your website and take a look with new eyes.  Are you using your client's language on your site?  

Potential clients decide whether or not to engage with a provider after less than 30 seconds on a website.  If your responses aren't in their language take a time this week to include your response somewhere on your private practice site.  

I look forward to hearing how these simple reflection tools help your practice grow. And of course, don't hesitate to contact me for coaching if you want help implementing this kind of authenticity online.

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Gina Senarighi is a business coach for therapists, social media strategist, and author. With careful planning and strategic marketing, in under one year she lead three thriving therapy practices.  

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