Seven Therapy Blogs You Can Write Right Now

Seven Easy Blogs to Write | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Don't Worry, 

Overwhelm is the Norm

Most of the therapists I coach in building a private practice have a hard time starting their blog writing practice.  Often the most daunting task is choosing a topic.  

We know so much, or want to say so much, or care so much it can be a little overwhelming to pin down titles and topics right away. 

Blog Topics Are Closer Than You Think

Most of them don't realize great topics are right at their fingertips.  Let's look at the resources and tools you use most often to get those first blogs rolling.

Take out a pen and paper to write down ideas as you read- I know you'll have blog ideas by the end of this post!

Book List

Every therapist I know has a stack of favorite books.  We have a few best books we recommend over and over.  Or we know a few great books on a particular topic (for example, the best books on divorce, ADHD, adoption, or coming out).  

Make a list of books you would want every client to read and two or three sentences why each book is great.  There's one easy blog written right there!

Resource List

Similar to the book list, most of us have a list of favorite resources.  You could make a list by client concerns, online, or specific to your local area.  

Once you have a list, find links to each resource online so you can include them in your blog.  This helps connect you to similar pages online and helps your clients more easily connect with each resource from your blog.

Problem Solution

Most clients come to us with a particular problem in mind they want to solve.  Brainstorm a few possible solutions and write a few sentences on how to implement them in daily life.  Clients love having options available in action step format.  

How to 

Similar to problem solution, you could probably write a how to blog post on one of your client's most common concerns.  For example; how to meditate, how to get more sleep, how to set boundaries with parents, or how to think positive.  

If you want to generate more of these ideas keep a notebook handy in your office just for blog ideas that arise in sessions.  


FAQ (frequently asked questions) sections of websites can be a great way to set expectations and boundaries with prospective clients before they ever enter your office.  They also give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding for the client's concerns, and build trust and expertise. 

Start by making a list of the most commonly asked questions by prospective and first-time clients.  Then write a short answer for each.  Link these to your about page for more internal links in your site.


Interviewing a colleague or respected leader in the field can be a great way for clients to get a feel for your conversational style.  Send an introduction and a list of questions to those you admire and turn them into a Q & A post.  

You can also do this in an audio format by hosting a call and recording it with the professional you choose.  But don't forget to include the text for your blog post!

Book Review

Finally, one of my favorites, the book review.  Instead of just listing favorite book recommendations, take time to review a favorite and make suggestions for action for prospective clients.  This both helps the reader and helps you further your learning.

There you have it, seven easy blog topics for therapists.  Odds are at least one of these is a possibility that can get things started for you today.  

If you feel really stuck in blogging feel free to call me for a free consultation, or join the Blog Brave support group for therapists.   I would be happy to support your success!

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