Do You Need a Counseling Practice Logo?

Do You Need a Counseling Practice Logo? | Marketing Coaching for Therapists

A logo is a branded image you use as a part of your business identity.  Lots of therapists make their practice work without one, but as more and more therapists use creative individualized marketing in practice many are starting to consider including a unique logo in their business plan.

A strong logo is an important part of your private practice branding but not an essential first step in starting your business.  It can be very expensive to work with a designer to create something unique.  If you don't have the funds, a logo is one step you could wait on as your practice develops.

Here are some of the reasons you would choose to include a logo.  

It lets clients know you take your professional work and business seriously.

It communicates your expertise by watermarking your creations (e-books, e-courses, handouts, forms).

It's versatile- you can use it in letterhead, business cards, online and off.

It's consistent- it helps clients see you are visually reliable no matter where they find you.

When creating a logo with a designer it will help to create a collection of logos you know your ideal client would like.  I suggest starting a Pinterest board to collect your images online.  

I am including many of the type-based logos we have created for clients below for your inspiration and consideration. if you would like to talk about creating a counseling practice logo give me a call for a consultation.  I am happy to help you!   

therapist business logo | branding for private practicr

About the Author:

After starting two successful private practices right out of graduate school, other therapists started calling on Gina Senarighi for marketing help.  

Today she coffers business coaching for health providers who want to build and online presence in private practice with authenticity.  Her business coaching clients appreciate her enthusiastic encouragement and unique ability to make the overwhelm of social media, blogging, and website writing easy to manage.  

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