Build Trust With New Clients Before They Schedule

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Consistency builds trust with clients.

We know this when we're talking about client relationships with those they love.  When there is a gap or incongruent message most of them are quick to distrust, question, and distance themselves.

Using that knowledge, we can use our online presence to build trust with clients as well.  

Inconsistency between your private practice website and your presence in session is a huge turn off for new clients.

If you are noticing few of your prospective client consultations are turning into regular paying clients, you might want to complete the following site review.

Consistency online

Consistency online is really about having a clear and consistent message.  Some therapists fear clarity (worrying if they focus their message they will miss prospective clients) and form generalist practices.  This most often leads to inconsistency and confusion for clients.  

Even if you choose a varied practice, finding the theme or niche that ties your dream clients together will help you build consistency within your site (and those potential clients will read clarity on your site).  

Check your tone 

When we talk about creating a clear and consistent presence online that kind of consistency has to transfer to the client's experience in the room with you.

If your clients experience extreme contrast between your online materials and your initial session it can be difficult to build trust with them.  

Get clear about your private practice

Take out a blank sheet of paper and start a brainstorm of all the ways you might describe the tone of your sessions.  Use colors, sensations, and all the adjectives you can.  

How would your clients describe your tone?  How might colleagues?  Create a robust list for yourself to draw from.  

Counselor Website Tip: Session Tone | Amplified Practice Authentic Marketing & Business Coaching for Therapists

Take a look at your site to determine how you can bring more of the feel and tone from your sessions to your online space.  Do you need to change the colors, add video, update your writing?  

If you commit just a half an hour a week to updating your site to bring it into better congruence with your in-session presence, your new client's will start having improved experience.  

This is another in an installment of easy 5-minute website tweaks for counselors in private practice.  These are designed to help market with authenticity and ease.  

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