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Start a Private Practice | Therapist Marketing Coach | Private Practice Help

It’s not just that Gina has experience building a highly successful private practice herself, it’s that she knows how to make that project approachable for you, wherever you are in your practice.

As healers, we’re remarkably underdeveloped in our capacity to market and advocate for our practices. Gina can help you build a fire under your self-worth issues and allow you to build the practice you crave.

Starting out in private practice was a totally overwhelming prospect for me. I knew I had a lot to do. I knew what some of those steps were – certainly not all!- but I didn’t know how to prioritize in order to make my hard work really count. Gina has an expert knack for seeing and communicating about both the big picture and the tiny details that will make your practice successful. She provided concrete activities that funneled into branding and contributed to bigger projects like building my website. Like the excellent therapist that she is, she did this by re-framing these projects in ways that took the pressure off and brought out the best in my writing, organizational skills, and ability to connect with others about my practice.  

If you are ready to make changes in your practice or build something new and fantastic, Gina is your marketing coach. She’s going to show you what projects will make a difference and how to approach them to make them manageable. In the process, you will emerge, your own voice will get clearer and stronger. This is the gift of Gina’s brilliant combination of marketing savvy and deep authenticity coaching. 

- Nuria Gomez, 2016


Business Coaching for Private Practice | Private Practice Building

I would HIGHLY recommend this service to other therapists and have already done so!  I would do so because I found the training session and the information offered to be extremely pertinent.

I also found it to be generous on Gina's part plus she has a I-will-take-all-of-the terror-out-of-this-for-you, collaborative, and entertaining approach that is reassuring, fun, and enjoyable (her personality and style being not the least of it). 

- Lisa Bizon, 2015


Coaching for Therapists | Therapist Private Practice

As a licensed counselor with my own business, working with Gina was a huge boost to both my confidence and business acumen! She helped collaborate marketing strategies and ideas that fit with my strengths as a person, my integrity as a practitioner, and my goals as a full-time business owner. I would easily recommend any small business owners looking to sharpen their authentic marketing game to check out Gina Senarighi and Amplified Practice.

- Jesse Johnson, LPC, Vital Collective


Coaching for Therapists | Marketing for Therapists

Gina, I wanted to personally thank you for your help this year. I decided to do a free New Year's offering. Just short of 45 people signed up. They are the people that I really want to work with. They understand the heart of my work. I look forward to working with you again.  

- Donnella Wood, 2015


Therapist Business Coach | Coaching for Therapists

I SO loved meeting with Gina- and SO appreciated all the wonderful things she shared with me about how to tell my story to a bigger audience. I am deeply grateful for her expertise and look forward to working developing my audience!

I was inspired by Gina's integrity and competence and will take to heart all the grounded philosophies she brings to this work- it has been my experience that when you work with that code of ethics- good thing come your way- Here’s to Daring Greatly together!

- Cynthia Benge, 2015

Private Practice Building | Coach for Therapists | Marketing Therapists

Since meeting with Gina, my practice has been full for several months, and the people finding me are the ones I want to work with. I really appreciate Gina's support and encouragement.

- Zoe Presley, 2014


Therapist Practice Building | Private Practice Coach

I feel incredibly fortunate that I found Gina Senarighi. Gina, a very calm, bright, intuitive, and attentive therapist, met with me and we collaboratively planned out my checklist-to-success as a small business owner and eventually a LMFT.  She normalized the challenges that can occur professionally, and shared openly where she found successes in developing her own business as a coach and therapist. 

I can’t say enough about Gina. As a floundering, vulnerable new graduate, with nothing but deer-in-the-headlights thoughts about my future, Gina was (and is) a life and career savior for a new therapist in private practice.

- Keri Jensen, QMHP, 2014


Business Coaching for Therapists | Private Practice Building | Successful Private Practice

I wanted to thank you for your business feedback - both the video blog and on-line consult scheduling have really helped. I'm currently experiencing a swell of work to the point of being full! I know it will ebb, but this is the first "flow" state that has produced a near-full month, so I am hopeful that, this spring, my baseline will be closer to full and my good moments will lead to a small wait-list.  Very grateful for your support.  

- Jesse Johnson, 2014


Private Practice Building | Therapists in Private Practice | Successful Therapists

Working with Gina was so much fun! Her enthusiasm for my vision was like a multiplier effect. I walked away from our conversation on fire, and with a list of 101 possibilities. 

- Nina Narelle, 2014